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Learn to soothe your emotions, to find the clarity beyond your despair and confusion, unscramble your mind.  Get into better relationship with your self and your life ~ so you can make better and more effective decisions about the change and results you want ~ be that for now or what you are called to in the future. 

Membership Options

Monthly membership ~ fee rolls over monthly, cancel at any time.  You will have access to these life enhancing programs  and support structures for each month you are a member.

OWN Your Life!

For 21 days we will focus intensively on you and your life.  I will share with you powerful insights and energy practices that will have you shift your thinking, as you lay down better patterns of thought and action that supports you taking control of your life.  You will learn ways to move beyond old stories of lack and limitation, empower your mind and so the circumstances of your life.  This is for the brave, for those who have had enough of struggling and efforting and are ready to take ownership of  their life in feel good ways that get preferred results faster.  Includes training materials, live coaching calls and facebook group support.

Lift your life higher

Focusing fully on your next month, you will be supported to get clear and focused about what you want to achieve, for your Self, Health or other Aspect of Life.  Within this month you will learn The Point of Change Principles which empower your mind, and so your life.  This is a group coaching support option that has weekly live calls and Facebook group support to empower you in your success.

Body Brilliance

A month spent entirely focused on building a better relationship with your body and mind.  You will learn deep appreciation for your body, and discover how well it responds to your loving care.  You will create a living plan to support your progress.  This is a powerful month that will transform your relationship with your self and your life, as well as your body.  Training, live coaching and facebook support.

1:1 Coaching is available

Sometimes the hurts run deep, and a public forum is not the place you want to share, yet you are called to move beyond what has been holding you back, getting in the way of living your life as you want to.  A no-fee complimentary call is available if you want to explore gentle options in clearing the debris from the past and building a brighter future that feels good to you.  Just click this box to find out more.

“If I had known what you know, I wouldn’t have struggled for so long, for years really, with my health and wellbeing and challenging circumstances…  I got my life back because of you, thank you!”

Y. L.


“Beverley has a wealth of knowledge and somehow intuitively is able to offer techniques and practises during the session which lead to perfect results, whether this is simply feeling better, coping with a difficult situation, setting personal goals or generally wanting to be a happier person. After our time together, I feel I have enough techniques to really allow positive manifestations to flow into my life. We also laughed during our sessions… a healing gift in itself! 

Mandy Elliott

England, Challenge Me Cards

“Beverley is the perfect balance between practical and spiritual, and most importantly she is a very sincere and genuine person who makes you feel at ease and who you can easily connect with. I became in charge of my life again, of my thoughts, and so my training and results. I can’t thank Beverley enough for the energy I got back!”

Andrea Cola


“Beverley has an incredible ability to help you to tap into the depth of your true desires to reach your goals. She can help you to unfold your talents which may be hidden for various reasons, to bring them to the surface and dissolve the obstacles that may be blocking you. There are always many ‘a-ha’ moments during our sessions.”

Judit Szathmary

England, New Forest Conductive Education


Isn’t it TIME to feel better about yourself and your life?

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