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Terms & Conditions / Disclaimer for and working with Beverley Roberts.


This website is for information purposes only, it in no way represents medical advice for physical, mental or emotional health conditions.  Your first point of call for any health issues or concerns should always be your own health practitioner(s) / service.  The information and personal development processes contained within this website and the work of Beverley Roberts, of Point of Change Coaching & The Point of Change Process, using the SHE Changes Approach used in Lifting Life Higher membership and programs, are optional and auxiliary to any professional medical advice, and in the reading of and applying of them you are in agreement that YOU are 100% responsible for your life and the circumstances of it.   

In working with Beverley, you understand and agree that there are no guarantees of outcome, due to the fact that the only person who can implement change and personal development / growth in your life is yourself.  It is Beverley’s intention to share her knowledge and training with the readers of this website and her clients, so that they will will have an option to learn and implement processes and practices that assist wellbeing and personal, emotional and mental growth.  No guarantees of results are given, and none can be expected.  The testimonials on this website are genuine, and are the result of application of processes and a willingness of clients to clear the emotional blocks that have been in their way to wellness and achieving improved circumstances for themselves and their lives, those which they decided were important to them.  The results are due to application of action and practice of processes, thus your results are at your discretion and willingness to effect change in your own life. Beverley Roberts, Point of Change Coaching and The Point of Change Process, using the SHE Changes Approach within Lifting Life Higher membership and programs, are therefore are exempt from responsibility for your outcomes and, by continuing to read the contents of this website and apply the teachings offered, you accept full ownership of your life, experiences and the actions or inactions you take. 

The information on the website, programs and workshop materials are copyright of Beverley Roberts, and as such all rights are reserved. Sharing of the blog posts is welcome, maintaining the link to the original author and this website.  Copying and distribution of written or recorded materials without direct permission from Beverley Roberts is prohibited, other than for personal use.  Please contact Beverley if you wish to discuss this further. 

In submitting webforms you agree to Beverley Roberts, Point of Change Coaching and Lifting Life Higher communicating with you by email. You will have an option to opt our of future email communications, and full details can be found within the staturory Privacy Policy.


Terms & Conditions and Disclaimer accurate at 04/07/20.  It is your responsibility to be aware of the terms and conditions of any interaction you undertake, so please inform yourself of any changes over time.


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